That Moment When Tran Thanh, Gin Tuan Kiet & B Tran Tried To Cover Son Tung M-TP’s ” Give It To Me” …

Guess if Son Tung M-TP will have a good laugh after listening to his own song “Give It To Me” from Tran Thanh, B Tran and Gin Tuan Kiet? 

“Give It To Me”, by now, is the most popular song in Vietnam, not only to fans but apparently to other local celebrities too!

Recently, Tran Thanh, B Tran and Gin Tuan Kiet took their free time behind a stage to cover Son Tung M-TP’s “Give It To Me”. This has to be the funniest cover as viewers can’t help but express their amusement after watching the video.

They were very noticed on Dancing.













In the video, Tran Thanh, B Tran and Gin Tuan Kiet tried to sing and dance according to the melody of the song. However, the manner on how they danced and sang along is simply hilarious to watch.

Watch it for yourself below:

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