Son Tung MTP Mischievously Teases His Impending “Give It To Me” Comeback With … Branded Clothing Tags

son tung mtp

Recently, it wasn’t just only Skys (Son Tung MTP’s fandom name), but also the entire V-pop entertainment industry becomes tumultuous for his grand comeback after more than one year hiatus.

Just a while, Son Tung MTP surprised the netizens when he posted a photo with various tags of clothing that he will wear for MV “Give it to me”.

Specially, the tags in the photo are all the world famous luxurious brands which suggest that his upcoming music video will cost a heft price tag of up to one billion VND (US$42,947).

Son Tung MTP’s one-time clothing expenses could easily reach up to one billion VND or a few, which is considered a norm for his V-pop status. Otherwise, he rarely shares the brands that he wears.

All the tags are celebrated brand!

He posted with the caption: “Suddenly, see this photo in the phone, it makes me remember the days of preparing clothing for MV GITM. What a beautiful memory! There are definitely a lot of interesting things in this music video. Sorry for not sharing more things about this project. Look forward to it!”


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