Son Tung M-TP Launches “M-TP Talent” Facebook Page, Introduces First New Talent – Kay Tran

Son Tung M-TP is set to groom new promising idols in the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

On July 22, Son Tung M-TP surprised the public after he shared a new Facebook fan page called “M-TP Talent” which he invited his followers to like the page and look out for exciting news coming up in the near future.

The introduction of the new SNS page reads: “A member of M-TP Entertainment Group. The Entertainment company established by famous singer SON TUNG M-TP”.

Photo via FB M-TP Talent.

Moving on things quickly, in the evening of July 24, M-TP Talent posted the introduction of its first new talent Kay Tran.

The announcement states that Kay Tran is an exclusive artist of M-TP Talent, along with the booking email address [email protected]

Are you rooting for Kay Tran, the first talent from M-TP Talent?

The singer Kay Tran of M-TP Talent.
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