Rookie Singer Phi Phuong Anh Returns With Her “Rang Khon”

On April 21, the beautiful singer Phi Phuong Anh surprised her followers about her new song, “Rang Khon” (“Wisdom Tooth”).

After debuted as a singer on January 6, Phi Phuong Anh has continued to relentlessly work hard for her new career. “Rang Khon” (“Wisdom Tooth”) is her third song introduced to the public after “Cam Sung Ai Dung Cam Sung Em” and “Canh Buom Doi Gian”.

Photo via Facebook Phi Phuong Anh.

Noticeably as compared with her two previous songs, the number of dislikes on her YouTube videos usually ended up 3 to 4 times more than the number of likes.

“Rang Khon” is seemingly set to be the rookie singer’s breakthrough as she manages to earn approvals from the public this time. As noted by critics, the vocal of the female singer has explicitly improved too.

The song was reportedly written by the composer RIN9. The music video of “Rang Khon” presents the first love story of a girl with many heart-warming scenes in her student life, though heart-breakingly, the male character chooses another to engage in the end.

Watch Phi Phuong Anh’s new song below:

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