Rookie Phi Phuong Anh Tries Another New Song “Canh Buom Doi Gian”, Receives 4x Dislikes On YouTube

Canh Buom Doi Gian” is the next music gift that Phi Phuong Anh has wished to gift to her fans.

After making her singer debut barely a couple of weeks later, as promised earlier on, Phi Phuong Anh wasted no time to continue her music showcase by releasing another new song, named “Canh Buom Doi Gian” on February 7. The song focuses on the topic of men being unfaithful in love.

Photo via FB Phi Phuong Anh.

After a day of upload, the said song successfully hit over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. However, the “dislike” was seen twice more than the “like” on the video, hinting that the latest song is receiving mixed reviews from the public.

As of time of writing, Phi Phuong Anh’s “Canh Buom Doi Gian” has gathered more than 135,000 dislikes over 32,000 likes.

Check out Phi Phuong Anh’s “Canh Buom Doi Gian” and tell us whether if the number of dislikes is justifiable:

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