‘Queen Of V-pop’ My Tam Makes A Grand Ballad Comeback With “Dung Cung Thanh Sai”

Veteran singer My Tam has staged her latest comeback with “Dung Cung Thanh Sai”.

On September 29, Vietnam top singer My Tam gifted her fans with her latest song titled “Dung Cung Thanh Sai” (“Right Can Be Wrong”). The singer has finally emerged from hiatus after a long break due to the impact of COVID-19 and personal reasons.

Photo: FB My Tam.

My Tam undoubtedly possesses a tough yet soothing vocal that can easily touch a listener’ heart as she sings fittingly to each beat of the melody.

Despite for not teasing as much as what other singers would usually do, every new release of My Tam naturally sends a rippling impact across the country due to her stardom fame as Queen of V-pop.

Watch “Dung Cung Thanh Sai” below, where viewers would also get treated to a short choreography of My Tam with sleek dance moves:

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