Min Returns With New Music Video “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau”, Raising Curiosity On The White Cat

On November 10, Min unleashed her newest music video, titled “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau”. (translated “Rushing Headlong Into Love”)

On Sunday, V-pop idol Min excited fans with her comeback of “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau”, a track that she collaborated with popular rapper Den Nau and male singer Justatee.

The storyline of this music video is interesting. It tells a love story between a beautiful girl and a handsome boy, with many beautiful scenes as a dream until the end of the story, when the viewers realize that the girl is actually a white cat.

Furthermore, the music video was reportedly to be filmed in South Korea, where the viewers are able to see many glimpses of the country.

After watching the music video, some viewers commented that the ending is not clear, arousing curiosity whether the boy really likes the cat and imagines the cat is a beautiful girl, or it is a fairy tale story of a cat which changes to a beautiful girl and falls in love with the boy?

See and decide the ending yourself below:

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