Min Releases New Music “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau”, Currently The Top Trending Hit

These days, local V-pop fans are so into Min’s latest song, titled “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau” (translated “Rushing Headlong Into Love”).

Once again, Min proves that every song she releases will always become an instant hit, and this has been validated by a trail of previous successful hits such as “Y.E.U” (L.O.V.E), “Goi Ten Em” (“Call My Name”), “Ghen”, “Co Em Cho”, and now, with the latest music video ” Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau”.

Min is known to be a creative singer, as she always grabs attention from the listeners with her solid vocal and music style. In every music video, viewers can see how she always tries to bring new elements to the music video with positive result and feedback.

The music video “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau” has been receiving plenty of good comments from the public. At present, “Vi Yeu Cu Dam Dau” is ranked 1st on trending YouTube Vietnam, achieving over six millions views and over 200 thousands likes.

Watch Min’s latest music video below:

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