Min & Kai Dinh Release New Collaborative Song “Chuyen Nha Be Thoi, Con Dung Ve”

Min and Kai Dinh have just unleashed their co-released new track named “Chuyen Nha Be Thoi, Con Dung Ve”.

After piquing curiosity with teaser images of their new song, Min and Kai Dinh released their latest song “Chuyen Nha Be Thoi, Con Dung Ve” on February 7 much to the delight of their awaiting fans.

Photo via FB Kai Dinh.

The said song centers theme on family. While “Chuyen Nha Be Thoi, Con Dung Ve” not only spotlights the superlative vocals of Min and Kai Dinh, it also gracefully touches fans with its poignant lyricism as well.

Particularly, the song was personally written by Kai Dinh, with himself being the source of inspiration of his own life story.

Watch “Chuyen Nha Be Thoi, Con Dung Ve” and tell us what you think of the duo’s music:

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