LipB’s Team Leader Annie Makes Her Solo Debut With “Anh La The Gioi Cua Ai”

LipB’s Annie entered into the Vietnamese music world with her very own debut piece on June 8.

Talented member of LipB’s Annie has taken the bold move to step out of the comfort zone with her own unique music style in her solo debut music number “Anh La The Gioi Cua Ai” (“You Are Whose World”), featuring Cody (Uni5) as a rapper in the song. 

Photo via Facebook Annie.

In the music video, the female singer took an unexpected twist to the plot when towards the end, she made known to the viewers that the touching love song is actually sung by “her soul” after she was killed tragically in a car accident.

The intimate chemistry between Annie and Cody in “Anh La The Gioi Cua Ai” is drawing attention among their fans.

Watch “Anh La The Gioi Cua Ai” below:

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