Kay Tran Takes Over YouTube Vietnam With His New Song “Nam Doi Ban Tay”

Vietnamese fans are showing their support to the exclusive artist of M-TP Talent, Kay Tran, with his newest song “Nam Doi Ban Tay”.

In the evening of July 2, “Nam Doi Ban Tay” by the charming singer Kay Tran has officially unleashed to the warm support from V-Pop fans. Right after 12 hours of upload, the song successively hit top 1 YouTube Vietnam, marking the beginning of the singer’s success with M-TP Talent.

PPhoto via Facebook Kay Tran.

“Nam Doi Ban Tay” has an addictive melody, showcasing a brand new Kay Tran. Notably, the appearance of V-pop prince Son Tung M-TP towards the end of the music video caught the viewers by surprise.

Check out “Nam Doi Ban Tay” below:

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