K-ICM Is The Only V-pop Idol To Enter Into “Top Artists Of 2020” Rankings Based On YouTube Views


K-ICM is the only Vietnamese artist to get into the list of Top Artists Of 2020 categorized under YouTube views on Kworn.net.

Kworn.net is known as a website which collects and analyzes music data from around the world. According to its report, K-ICM has landed himself as one of the Top Artists of 2020, notably the only Vietnamese artist to do so.

Top Artists of 2020 is a ranking of the top 200 YouTube videos that have garnered the most views around the world in 2020. Particularly, K-ICM stands at 196th in the list, with a record of 574,620,902 views.

To get into the ranking among other international names is indeed a proud achievement that is making a buzz online among K-ICM fans.

Photo: FB K-ICM.
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