Jaykii Returns From Hiatus; Touches Hearts Once Again With “Cang Lon Cang Co Don”


On Sunday, well-liked Vietnamese singer Jaykii took his comeback run with a new track titled “Cang Lon Cang Co Don”.

After putting a two-year pause on his singing career, Jaykii marked his music comeback on May 23 through his newest song, “Cang Lon Cang Co Don”. The mentioned song was written by composer Hung Quan.

Photo via Facebook Jaykii.

“Cang Lon Cang Co Don” is a ballad track, which is the genre of music that he used to produce behind his fame through previous notable ballad songs such as “Chieu Hom Ay”, “Sao Em No”, and “Dung Nhu Thoi Quen”. 

Particularly, the music video of “Cang Lon Cang Co Don” was reported to be recorded in three different cities; Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), New York (U.S) and Tokyo (Japan).

“Cang Lon Cang Co Don” brings a light feel of sadness and loneliness of a mature person through Jaykii’s warm vocal that enables its listeners to easily sympathize with.

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