Jack Stages A Mystical Comeback With “Hoa Hai Duong”

Jack unleashes his newest song titled “Hoa Hai Duong”.

After six months since his last hit “La Mot Thang Con Trai” (“Being a boy”), in the evening of September 22, well-loved singer Jack has just released his latest song titled “Hoa Hai Duong” (“Thea Amplexicaulis”).

Photo via FB Jack – J97.

Jack not only possesses a calming vocal, he is also a highly talented songwriter as the lyrics of “Hoa Hai Duong” is reported to be written on his own.

Besides the familiar and likable pop melody of V-pop, the music video of “Hoa Hai Duong” was carefully planned and created in a mystical plot, along with various fantasy elements that can easily glue its viewers from the beginning to the end of the music video.

Don’t believe? Watch Jack’s “Hoa Hai Duong” below:

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