Hoang Duc Thinh Is The Champion Of The Voice Vietnam 2019

Hoang Duc Thinh

Garnering the most votes, Hoang Duc Thinh beat all to take the crown of The Voice Vietnam 2019.


The Voice Vietnam 2019 final had officially taken place with the competition of 5 contestants: Hoang Duc Thinh (Tuan Ngoc team), Layla (Ho Hoai Anh team), Lam Bao Ngoc (Tuan Hung team), Bich Tuyet and Dominix group (Thanh Ha team).

The trainer and student can’t hide their happiness.

After the competition, the announcement on the result of the contest finally happened. The champion went to Hoang Duc Thinh (Team Tuan Ngoc) with 35.93% voting approval. Layla, Lam Bao Ngoc, Dominix, and Bich Tuyet received the runner-up position.

As shown, Hoang Duc Thinh was the first contestant to perform the solo contest. He performed the song “Tim Lai Nhau” (translated”Find each other again”) by musician Luu Thien Huong, conquering the audiences with his solid vocal.

Dominix Group – Team Thanh Ha with “Tren Dinh Phu Van” (translated “On The Top Of Phu Van Mountain”)


Lam Bao Ngoc – Tuan Hung completely captivated the audiences during the song “Writing On The Wall of Sam Smith”.


Layla – Ho Hoai Anh Team with the song ” La Anh Do” (translated “It’s you”)


Tran Le Bich Tuyet -Thanh Ha team performed “Hoi The Gian Tinh La Chi” (translated “What is love”)


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