Hien Ho Shows Support To Son Tung M-TP’s “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai” With A Piano Cover

On January 6, Hien Ho uploaded a video of her, covering Son Tung M-TP’s newest song, “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai”.

As Son Tung M-TP’s latest release “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai” continues to garner attention among V-pop communities, it is no doubt that the hit becomes an instant favorite on everyone’s playlist, including celebrities and singers like Hien Ho.

As a show of support for Son Tung’s M-TP latest song, Hien Ho went further by covering it in her own style.

Photo via Facebook Hien Ho

With her own distinct music style, Hien Ho sang “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai” in a piano version as opposed to the original. Her mellow vocal perfectly compliments the tune and soothes the hearts of its listeners.

Watch Hien Ho’s version of “Chung Ta Cua Hien Tai” below:

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