Han Sara Collaborates With JSol In “Hiem Co Kho Tim” To Welcome This Summer

Han Sara returns with a new music video after her previous hit “Let Me Go”.

Photo via FB JSol.

On Wednesday, Han Sara and JSol delighted fans when they unleashed their latest collaborative music video titled “Hiem Co Kho Tim”.

The said song is reported to be composed by popular composer Khac Hung, who is relatively known for having written a number of hits for notable Vietnamese singers. 

“Hiem Co Kho Tim” was filmed in a beautiful beach, which makes it an obvious choice to fit in the summer ambiance with eventful activities and skillful dancing scenes. The music video tells a lovely story between two young people, no doubt to be Han Sara and JSol.

With cheerful melodies and beautiful summer scenery, there can be no reason not to enjoy “Hiem Co Kho Tim”.

Watch “Hiem Co Kho Tim” below:

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