Den Nau, Kimmese And Lynk Lee Once Again Touch Fans’ Hearts With “Mashup Rapcoustic 5”

Rapper Den Nau and his close friends Kimmese and Lynk Lee made fans glad when they uploaded new music video titled “Mashup Rapcoustic 5” lately.

After the hit “Hai Trieu Nam” (translated “Two Million Years”), Den Nau did not let his fans wait long as he just released a new music video titled “Mashup Rapcoustic 5”.

As usual, his music partners are Kimmese, Lynk Lee, guitar artist Sy Tue and Cajon Quoc Bao.

The video was shot in a dark room. Although the effects of the music video is not particularly flashy or special, their fans still expressed their anticipated excitement to be able to enjoy their idols’ sweet vocals, especially on how they showcased their genuine love for music.

In addition, viewers will also be able to see their own life reflection in the music video through the meaningful lyrics in the songs they performed, and how they face these problems in their life. Besides, “Mashup Rapcoustic 5” also talks about love and other facets of life.

Check out the music video below:

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