Chau Dang Khoa And Karik Unleash Love With “Tinh Yeu La Chuyen Nho”

Chau Dang Khoa and Karik have just released “Tinh Yeu La Chuyen Nho”.

In the evening of July 14, two popular Vietnamese male singers Chau Dang Khoa and Karik came back to the music scene after a long hiatus – in a collaborative music video titled “Tinh Yeu La Chuyen Nho”. (translated as “Love Is Small Thing”)


Particularly, “Tinh Yeu La Chuyen Nho” has the participation of several local artists, namely Bao Yen Rosie, Jun Pham, Pham Dinh Thai Ngan, BB Tran, Ribi Sachi, Lam Vy Da and Mac Van Khoa.

The song focuses on many different love stories of young couple, and Chau Dang Khoa plays the role as the Cupid of Love.

Feel the love with Chau Dang Khoa and Karik’s “Tinh Yeu La Chuyen Nho”:

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