Bich Phuong Dazzles With Fantasy In Phuc Du’s “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi”

Phuc Du revealed the music video “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi” on his personal Facebook page.

“Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi” (loosely translated “Refuse Gently”) marks the first song released by Phuc Du after signing with 1989s production, the same entertainment agency as Bich Phuong. Particularly, Phuc Du had the opportunity to collaborate with Bich Phuong.

Photo: FB Bich Phuong.  

In “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi”, Phuc Du showcases his rapping skills while Bich Phuong sings along. With such a matching collaboration, it is no wonder there were many fans rooting for the release.

Overall, with the interesting lyrics and catchy melody, surely this song is going to be the next V-pop hit.

Check out “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi” between Phuc Du and Bich Phuong below:

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