Bich Phuong Unleashes Latest Music Video “Mot Cu Lua” By Fans’ Voting

From the votes cast by fans, Bich Phuong ultimately chose “Mot Cu Lua” as her newest music video.

As promised, with “Mot Cu Lua” (translated “A Deception”) voted by majority, Bich Phuong had officially unleashed her newest song “Mot Cu Lua” together its music video at 11.11pm on May 31. This would also mean that the music video “Tu Choi Nhe Nhang Thoi” is going to be kept as a secret forever.

Photo: FB Bich Phuong.

“Mot Cu Lua” is a love story between Bich Phuong and her lover. Although she loves her boyfriend with all her heart, her lover returns her love with “A Deception”.

With the catchy melody, the multi-talented singer starred in the video beautifully besides handsome Korean model Kim Ok, garnering a lot of attention from the public.

Watch Bich Phuong’s newest music video “Mot Cu Lua” below:

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