Is Bich Phuong Hinting A Comeback This Month With #Comingsoon?

Hmm, what did Bich Phuong mean?

Photo: FB Bich Phuong.

On May 10, beautiful Vietnamese singer Bich Phuong uploaded a sensual photo shoot in white bikini onto her Facebook page with the hashtag #comingsoon.

Again on May 13, the celeb also revealed a set of numbers 15052020 with the hashtag #comingsoon.

From the comment box, many fans assumed that the singer is hinting the date for her music comeback to be 15 May 2020.

On the other hand, with the photo that she shared and the caption “người buồn nhạc có vui đâu bao giờ” (translated: “The music has never ever been happy when people are sad”), her followers further speculated that it will be a sad love story to be delivered by Bich Phuong.

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