Bich Phuong Impressively Records All-kill Status With “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua?”

Pretty Vietnamese singer Bich Phuong and her fans are celebrating after her recent comeback “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua?” achieved #1 position on various music charts in Vietnam.

Well-loved Vietnamese singer Bich Phuong just made her highly-awaited return to the V-Pop scene as she officially dropped her music track “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua?” (translated “Have You Stopped Smoking Yet?”) on May 17. After over a week of upload, “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua?” is still gaining great attention from the public.

Particularly on Monday, Bich Phuong shared that her latest track “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua?” has successfully achieved a perfect all-kill on various local charts, as well as trending on top of YouTube Vietnam for her music video of the same title.

Compared to the usual Vietnamese music videos, “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua?” is explicitly more focused on the lyrics and the voice of the singer.

Enjoy “Em Bo Hut Thuoc Chua?” below:

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