Meet “Angel Chi Pu” And “Lucifer Chi Pu” In Chi Pu’s Greatest Show #2

Popular Vietnamese singer Chi Pu releases the second episode of her Greatest Show on July 14.

After days of teasing for Chi Pu’s Greatest Show #2, the well-loved singer has officially unleashed the newest episode for her series “Chi Pu’s Greatest Show” in the evening of July 14.

Photo: FB Chi Pu.  

With the new episode , Chi Pu astonished her fans with its creative concept and unimaginable visuals.

Two “Chi Pus” appeared concurrently on the same screen as the Angel and the Lucifer to express their opposing sides in human Chi Pu’s mind.

Each performance from “Angel Chi Pu” and “Lucifer Chi Pu” are certainly generating high interest and entertainment value to the viewers.

Watch it for yourself below:

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