Ali Hoang Duong Drops His Latest Song “Duong Em Di Anh Se Di Nguoc Lai”

Ali Hoang Duong returns with “Duong Em Di Anh Se Di Nguoc Lai”.

Photo via FB Ali Hoang Duong.

In the evening of August 20, charming Vietnamese singer Ali Hoang Duong returned with his new track, titled “Duong Em Di Anh Se Di Nguoc Lai” (loosely translated “The Way You Go I Will Go Opposite”).

In the music video, Ali Hoang Duong and Emma Nhat Khanh are a lovely couple together.

With his expressive and emotional vocal, Ali Hoang Duong pulled out a touching song to bring to the listeners through the various stages of his love story; from happy and then depressed after the break-up.

Watch Ali Hoang Duong’s “Duong Em Di Anh Se Di Nguoc Lai” below and let us know what you think!

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