A Love Triangle Concept In Chi Pu’s Latest Music Video “Cung Dan Vo Doi”

On June 3, Chi Pu finally revealed her newest music video, titled “Cung Dan Vo Doi”.

The beautiful Vietnamese singer Chi Pu marked her comeback to the Vietnamese music village in 2020 with the music track “Cung Dan Vo Doi”.

Notably to note, there are two popular Vietnamese artists who specially appeared in this music video, namely the sexy model Ngoc Trinh and the dashing actor Quang Su.

“Cung Dan Vo Doi” is a ballad song, which is one of Chi Pu’s strongest genre. The music video conceptualizes a love triangle story among Ba Tra ( Chi Pu), Thu Ha ( Ngoc Trinh) and Hai Tan (Quang Su). Particularly, Ba Tra falls in love with Hai Tan. However, he loves Thu Ha. Furthermore, the viewers are loving the background of the music video, which is the countryside of Vietnam in the past.

Enjoy “Cung Dan Vo Doi” below:

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