Phat Diem Cathedral In Ninh Binh, Built In 1891, In Original European Neo-Gothic Style

Phat Diem Cathedral is a 19th century old church, located in northern Vietnam.

When you have a chance to travel to Ninh Binh once the Covid-19 pandemic is well-controlled, there is a century-old landmark that is worth every second of your time to appreciate – Phat Diem Cathedral. It is a unique Roman Catholic cathedral which is located at Kim Son district in Ninh Binh province, approximately120 km from the capital city Hanoi.

The construction of the church started in 1875, taking 16 years before it was completed in 1891. Notably, Phat Diem Cathedral is locally considered as the “capital of Vietnamese Catholicism” due to its rich heritage and respected fame throughout the southeast Asia country.

Photo: FB ASEAN Heritage & History.

The building of the architectural complex was initiated by Father Peter Tran Luc, which includes the cathedral itself, 5 chapels, 3 grottoes, a bell-tower, a pond, and a memorial house. At 130-year-old, Phat Diem Cathedral is widely known as the most cherished ancient stone cathedral in Vietnam.

With popularity for its unique blend of Vietnamese and European architectural style, Phat Diem Cathedral is not only a religious place for Catholics to worship, it is also fast becoming a complex for tourists to visit and appreciate its beauty and magnificence.

View more photos of Phat Diem Cathedral below:

Photo: FB ASEAN Heritage & History.

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