The Poor Face Of The Only Vietnamese Boy Student Who Is Not Awarded The Certificate Of Merit

Recently, with the public school term coming to an end, a photo of a class has gone viral within Vietnamese online communities that illustrates school stress nowadays.

When 99% of the students in the same class receive the certificate of merit, it might really be miserable when you fall into the 1% who don’t.

This was the case of the boy in this picture, when all the students in the class were cheerful, radiantly holding up a certificate of merit. Only one boy, who was noticeably hiding his hands under the desk.

His face appears depressing. It is not unknown if he was too occupied playing and not studying, or his final result was not too well. Yet with this photo, netizens could not help but feel the amusement out of this scene.

In addition to the humorous comments that the boy was optimistic among his peers with a pitiful face, there were also comments circulating to question why the teacher of this class did not seem to have given him any sign of encouragement.

With this viral photo, it is with hope that parents these days will not emphasis too much on academic results like the boy in the photo, but to allow their kids to have a good fruitful summer vacation like every other student.

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