Ly Nha Ky Updates With Unbelievable Photos Of Her New Resort

Ly Nha Ky’s latest photo release became a hot topic among her followers.

Ly Nha Ky is known to be a popular actress and a talented businesswoman. Even though she is well-to-do, occasionally she still wants to spend leisure time to harvest vegetables by her own in a garden located in Da Lat city. Moreover, she also previously shared with audiences that she would build a resort, and true enough, that big plan of her has finally come true.


Lately, Ly Nha Ky shared photos of her new resort on her personal social media page. It looks stunningly beautiful that almost anyone who sees these photos would feel the intense urge to visit Da Lat immediately.

Besides, Ly Nha Ky has also received positive comments on her youthful appearance too.

Through these pictures shared by Ly Nha Ky, the resort includes a total of 16 villas, surrounded by the forest. The design of each villa is also seen as being European-inspired, where the visitors can really enjoy the peaceful ambiance.

See below for more photos of her resort:

Photo: FB Ly Nha Ky – Artist.


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