Blooming Season Of Vietnam’s National Flower Lotus Begins In Ninh Binh

Lotus flowers are now in full bloom, with Vietnamese people visiting the lotus lake in Ninh Binh these days.

Lotus is an aquatic plant which lives in the water. Notably, each part of the lotus flower can be utilized in different ways to Vietnamese people. For instance, the lotus flower is usually used for decorative purpose and for making scented tea, the seeds are commonly used for cooking, while the leaves are used to wrap local sticky rice.

Photos: FB Bui Ngoc Cong.

While lotus ponds are a common sight in the northern region of Vietnam, to really enter into the surreal paradise of lotus flowers, one may not want to miss visiting Ninh Binh specifically to appreciate the lotus world in the summer.

In Ninh Binh, lotus flowers are a magnificent sight to behold. With the nature landscape and fresh air, local visitors have been flocking to the province particularly in this summer.

Check out more photos of the lotus ponds in Ninh Binh below:



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