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Do You Know There Is A Part Of “Jeju Island” In Quy Nhon, Vietnam?

In Vietnam, there is a stunning beautiful beach and it is called Eo Gio.

If you wish to travel to Jeju Island in South Korea one day and not financially able to at this time, there is a beach in Vietnam that is comparable with, and it is called Eo Gio (translated “Windy Strait”), located in Quy Nhon.

Located in the Southern-central coast of Vietnam, Quy Nhon is a charismatic haven in Binh Dinh province. Towards northeast of the city, travelers can head to Eo Gio beach by going over the Thi Nai bridge to Nhon Hoi T-junction in Nhon Ly. With the beach enclosed by a bow-shaped range of mountains, it forms a majestic natural landscape, which also makes it to be one of the most charming destinations for sunset viewing in Vietnam.

How Eo Gio got its name?

The locals may tell you that Eo Gio is unique with its mysterious whisper sound of nature, although it is the sound of wind blowing over the mountain walls. Its wildness, pristine beach with blue sea and fresh air complements it to be a popular destination for tourists in recent time.

The way to Eo Gio Beach.

View from Eo Gio Beach.

View more photos of Eo Gio Beach below:

Photo: FB Tran Thi Quynh Thuong.

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