H’Hen Nie Charms The World With An Exquisitely Designed Ao Dai

H’Hen Nie brings out the beauty of Vietnamese traditional costume.

With her enviable hourglass body, Miss Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie never fails to bring out the highlights of the clothing that she wears.

This time around, the celebrity took on her best shot with Vietnamese traditional costume – Ao Dai.

Looking at the photos revealed by H’Hen Nie personally, the Ao Dai that she donned this time is unique; matched with hues and tones of orange and yellow, with a majestically looking oriental cum dragon design.

H’Hen Nie does justice to this exquisite piece of Ao Dai with her photogenic expressions and poses.

Photo: FB H’Hen Nie.

View more photos of H’Hen Nie below:

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