Guess Which City Is Most Livable In Vietnam This Season?

Every year, around the middle of October to the beginning of November, Dalat is surrounded by this kind of beautiful flowers called wild sunflowers.


Recently, according to popular app AirVisual, Dalat is the most livable city in Vietnam. The small city is not only known for its fresh air and cooling weather at 1,500m above sea level, it is also known to grown different kinds of flowers thanks to its temperate weather.

Vietnamese people have given Dalat many names, however “Flower city” is the most popular name. In each season, different kinds of flowers can be seen throughout the city.

In the current season, Dalat is surrounded by these yellow flowers called wild sunflowers.

Dalat has a good temperate climate to grow different kinds of flowers.

This month, if you happen to travel Dalat, you will be able to find wild sunflowers almost everywhere, such as Dalat University, Lang Biang, Golden valley, and others.


Kết quả hình ảnh cho hoa da quy dalat

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