Enjoy Fascinating View Of Peach Blossom In Sapa In December

Sapa is certainly a must-visit place in December for this reason.

Like Dalat, Sapa is also one of the well-known destinations for the local and foreign tourists every year. It is a town of Lao Cai province in the northwestern Vietnam.

Similar to the Dalat, Sapa is located nearly 1,500 m above the sea level, which also means the climate is temperate, except it is also influenced by the seasonal change due to the proximity to the northern hemisphere.

For tourism, December is often recommended by tourists and travel communities to be the best time to visit Sapa, as shared by personal experiences.


December is the month that travelers would want to visit Sapa because of its fascinating landscape with peach blossom appearing almost everywhere. On the other hand, weather is also another plus factor to consider if you are the type of winter lover.

In Sapa, although rare, it may experience snowfalls from time to time, particularly in the recent years. And it is the only place where snow falls in Vietnam. So if you ever experience snow in Sapa, consider yourself super lucky!

Photo FB Phan Van Cuong.

Photo: FB Dinh Hong Quan.  

Watch below video showing scenes of peach blossom in Sapa:


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