Dalat Emerges As The Favorite Romantic Destination For Wedding Photo-taking

Dalat is one of the top cities in Vietnam which always attracts a lot of couples to come and save their most memorable and romantic moments.

According to popular international mobile app AirVisual, Dalat is the most livable city in Vietnam. At the current season, the weather in Dalat is not too cold and not too hot. In fact, it is comfortable, and the air is fresh. Moreover, the landscape is picturesquely perfect as a top choice for couples to take their once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos.

In Vietnam, wedding celebrations are held throughout the year. Yet, many local couples prefer to getting married in winter compared to other seasons.

Some possible reasons may be the cooling weather and the couples can prepare their new life together just right before the biggest festive season in Vietnam – Lunar New Year, also known as Tet.

If you are planning to get married or getting married but have not taken your wedding photos, this is for you.

Dalat is also frequently quoted with many other different names, such as the city of flowers, the city of love, the city of fog, and the city of dream.

As a city, Dalat has many popular places of interest, including wedding shoot hot spots such as Xuan Huong lake, Dalat Cathedral, pine forests, golden valley and so on.


Wedding photos in Dalat:

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