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Com Lam, The One-Of-A-Kind Rice Food Of Humble Origin In Vietnam

Com Lam, the one-of-a-kind unique taste that you might not forget once you try it.

Besides traveling to the beautiful natural landscapes from the north to the south in Vietnam, trying out Vietnamese cuisine is also one of the key highlights that is worth to be excited about for tourists when they visit the Southeast Asian country.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to a local dish that is definitely not to be missed if you have the chance to visit Vietnam!


Com Lam (translated as Lam rice) is a unique gift of food from people in the northern mountainous region which the unusual appearance and taste are hard to find from any other dish.

So what makes this dish special?

Com Lam is a local rice food that is generally made from rice (usually glutinous rice) along with some other ingredients as desired like pork, wraps around with bamboo tubes, then adds water into the tubes and cooks over the fire. The result is aromatic smell of rice that surely leaves you feeling hungry.


As told by village patriarchies, the minorities of the northern mountainous rural region had to work hard everyday in the mountain that was a distance away from their house. Therefore, they had to think how they could prepare their meals and cooked rice in a more convenient way. Instead of using a pot, they then used whatever available in the mountain to cook (which happened to be bamboo tubes) with fire. From then, Com Lam was born and well-loved by Vietnamese people as well as to the world who would come to try it later on.


These days, Vietnamese people are also eating Com Lam with grilled chicken, which is a perfect combo among others.

So don’t forget to try “Com Lam” when you visit Vietnam next time!


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