Binh Phuoc Province In Vietnam Is Gaining Fame For Pristine Nature Beauty

The rubber tree gardens in Binh Phuoc when they changes leaves makes all hearts melted.

Binh Phuoc is one of the most agriculturally productive provinces in Vietnam, which is geographically located in the southeastern region of the country, to the north of Ho Chi Minh City. It shares the border with neighboring country Cambodia. The province is known to have fertile lands where they are used to plant many kinds of trees for cash crops, such as cashew tree, rubber tree, pepper plant and so on.

Apart from agriculture, Binh Phuoc is now gaining fame for something else – its natural beauty perfect for photoshoot.


If you visit Binh Phuoc province when the rubber tree plantations just shed leaves, which usually lasts from the end of December to March, you will be absolutely be awed by the picturesque sight that you are going to see.

Photo: FB Nguyen Duc.

Rubber trees normally bear green leaves. However, in shedding season, the leaves will turn to red creating a romantic scenery like trees shedding in autumn.

Overtime, it is becoming a favorite pastime for people in Binh Phuoc province to head out to the plantations during the shedding season, and take photos with the perfect colored backdrop.

Photo: FB Huyen Hoang.


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