Ba Tan Vlog Astonishes Vietnamese Netizens With A Giant Bowl Of Pho Bo (Beef Noodles)

With the gift – a huge bowl which her son gave, Ba Tan Vlog prepared probably the biggest bowl of pho ever for her family.

Pho is known as one of the world’s famous Vietnamese foods that you can nowadays find it easily anywhere around the globe with the original taste tracked back to Vietnam.

However, due to COVID-19 outbreak, it is becoming difficult to buy from one’s favorite food stall or restaurant with the ongoing nationwide quarantine measure that the Vietnamese government has enforced.

But it doesn’t seem quite matter to Ba Tan obviously, when she decided to pull her sleeves to prepare and cook a really huge bowl of Pho for her family at this time of isolation.

Ba Tan Vlog is well-liked by many people, particularly all the food that she cooks is usually super big in size. Her YouTube channel has also a considerably number of subscribers that does not make much different from most famous Vietnamese artists.

In the latest video, the viewers can learn how to make Pho at home easily, with the simple ingredients and the cooking method added with some useful tips which Ba Tan Vlog shares.

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