The Life Of Three Siblings In “Going Home, My Kids!”: Bao Thanh Is Young, Bao Han Has Personality – But Sister Quynh Surprises

The three sisters Thu Quynh, Bao Thanh and Bao Han have their own style. But in terms of appearance, the elder Thu Quynh is the most prominent because of the complete contrast with the film’s appearance.


Throughout more than 30 episodes of the drama, Thu Hue is seen wearing only a limited range of dresses, with most of them being simplistic, that inevitably also showcases the true characteristic of the actress.

Just as how Thu Hue’s makeup seems noticeably light when onscreen, she only uses lipstick lightly too.

Contrary to Thu Hue, Thu Quynh is very fashionable.

Bao Thanh: Elegant graceful, no less than Lady Anh Thu

In the drama, Bao Thanh plays the role of Anh Thu, a shrewd personality of a highly fashionable girl, as it’s recognizable by the designs of Anh Thu’s dresses, which are super outstanding.

In terms of style, Anh Thu in the drama and Bao Thanh in real life are quite similar.

Bao Han: real Tomboy, exactly as real life.

Anh Duong’s youngest sister clearly shows the strong character of the tomboy, from daily gestures and expressions to the fashion style of “Going home”.





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