Kieu Ly Pham To Be Featured In Vietnamese TV Program “Nguoi Ay La Ai?”

Kieu Ly Pham is set to appear in the episode 6 of trending Vietnamese TV program “Nguoi Ay La Ai?” (translated “Who Is That?”).

For viewers who could probably not forget the beauty of Cara Phuong along the happy ending with Vu Long in episode 5, they would be glad to know for the upcoming episode 6, they get to meet this beautiful lady from Hanoi. With her chiseled V-shaped face and hourglass body, she has what every girl would desire to have.

Kieu Ly Pham is popular on the social media, with the nickname – liuuliu. She is not only femininely attractive, but she is also talented in doing business.

In the trailer of episode 6, the beauty shared that she is the founder of several clothing shops and beauty spas in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi.

Kieu Ly Pham has a sunny smile, with that angelic face that will surely invoke emotions from everyone at the first sight.

Don’t forget to watch episode 6 this Friday to know more about Kieu Ly and whether she can find her Mr Right or not!

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