“Pink Flower Road” Becomes The Latest Instagram-worthy Spot In Saigon

These days, the pinky flower roads in Ho Chi Minh City are emerging as a favorite romantic place to hang out for the locals.

Amidst the worrying trend on the current coronavirus outbreak, there are certain roads located in Saigon which are noticeable with pink flowers, and the sight is attracting people to visit and check in.

This kind of flower is known as the Tabebuia rosea. In Saigon, it normally blooms in around March to April. However, probably due to the hotter climate this year, the Tabebuia rosea trees in the city are blooming ahead of time.

Photo: FB Trinh Thi Hang.

With its distinct bright color, people tend to compare these flowers to the peach blossoms in Dalat city. But if you look at it closely, you will discover how much they are different according to their own respective beauty.

To see this kind of flower in Ho Chi Minh City, you can visit Vo Thi Sau street (D3), Cong Ly bridge (Phu Nhuan district), Dien Bien Phu street (Binh Thanh district), among others.

Here are more photos of what to expect during this blooming season in Saigon:

Photo: FB Chi Doan.


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