Young Students And Their Parents Hug Each Other And Burst Into Tears Outside The School Gate Because They Couldn’t Do The Test

This year, the entrance Math exam was really difficult for Vietnamese student candidates.


According to our records, after finishing the Math exam in Hanoi, many contestants and parents burst into tears. At Phan Dinh Phung High School and Chu Van An High School, Hanoi, contestants were crying. Parents saw them and cried also.

This year, the Math exam was not too difficult, but the geometry made many students confused, therefore, they could not finish their exams in time.

The mother’s shoulder will  make girls feel warm definitely


It is known that this year, nearly 86,000 candidates in Hanoi had to compete with each other when there were only more than 64,400 students who could take the exam at the public schools. Therefore, when many students did not complete the Math exam in the afternoon, they felt helpless. They felt sad after leaving the school gate.

Instead of feeling regretful for the past exam, the contestants should remain calm when the exam period was still ongoing.


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