Wedding Photos Of Thu Thuy And Her 10-Year Younger Husband Go Viral

On July 4, some photos from Thu Thuy’s wedding appeared out of the blue on the social network and instantly went viral.

The couple had held the wedding party in a restaurant except they kept it secretive without making known to the public.

In the revealed photos, people could see the wedding celebration take place with the presence of families and close friends from two sides.

They looked happy with congrats from close friends.


They sang together in the wedding party.


This is a wedding card that was revealed.

After her previous broken marriage, Thu thuy had considered a lot. Thanks to Kin Nguyen’s love and for her son, they both tied the knot eventually.

Recently, even before the wedding party, Thu Thuy had shared some wedding photos on the social network, which earned compliments for looking as good as a magazine photo shoot.

They are as if like a prince and a princess in a beautiful fairy tale.

The female singer looks gorgeous in the wedding dress.


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