WeChoice Awards 2020: Thuy Tien Honored In “Artist category with outstanding performance, Inspiring Ambassador”

Thuy Tien completely won the public with well-deserved award of the “Artist category with outstanding performance  and The WeChoice Awards 2020 Inspiring Ambassador“.

WeChoice Adwards is an annual awarding ceremony to honor individuals and organizations with achievements and inspirational activities, such as events, products and activities that have impacted the communities in 2020. This is an annual award event started since 2015 and is organized by VCCorp JSC.

WeChoice Awards 2020 took place on 22 January 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City. Graceful Vietnamese singer, Thuy Tien, took home the said award after working hard to help people who had battled with drought in Mekong delta and flooding in the central Vietnam in 2020.

When received this award, the female singer humbly declared that the award is for everyone and she merely only represented to receive it on behalf as a representative.

Photo via FB Thuy Tien.
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