Trinh Thang Binh And Liz Kim Cuong Unleash “Khac Biet To Lon” (“The Big Difference”)

In the evening of July 26, Trinh Thanh Binh and Liz Kim Cuong released their latest collaborative music video “Khac Biet To Lon”.

The music collaboration between singers Trinh Thanh Binh and Liz Kim Cuong has been garnering attention from the public. Titled “Khac Biet To Lon” ( translated “The Big Difference”), the track was released at 8.30pm on Sunday.

Photo via FB Trinh Thang Binh.

The plot of the music video talks about the love of two young people, who have “big differences” that they are unable to maintain their relationship as before.

The catchy melody throughout the performance of Trinh Thanh Binh and Liz Kin Cuong quickly brought the track to #1 on Zing Chart after 11 hours.

Check out “Khac Biet To Lon” below:


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