Toc Tien Is A Dexterous Chef With Her Latest Home-cooked Food Photos

With plenty of free time at home during the current nationwide social distancing measure implemented by the government, Toc Tien has been keeping herself busy – cooking.

Toc Tien is carefully taking heed of the Vietnamese government initiative to fight against the local COVID-19 outbreak by staying at home to distance herself from outsiders.

As such, the popular singer is not as busy as before due to her work schedule being affected, so she is also taking this time to spend time with her family.

Besides exercising regularly at home with her husband, the beautiful singer has been able to devote time to her big-time passion for cooking.

Toc Tien has proven herself to be good in cooking. With the photos that she shared online, they show that the way she cooks does not differ much from those dishes which are normally served in the restaurants.

On April 2, she got her followers going hungry with the picture of tasty-looking rice cracker that she cooked herself. Beside this, she also prepared delicious pickles.

Photo: Instagram: toctien1305.

Previously, her followers were also caught by surprise with a well-cooked western dish that she cooked herself too:

Yummy looking dish


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