Thieu Bao Tram Unleashes Her Loveliness In New MV “Love Rosie”

On May 5, charming singer Thieu Bao Tram made her music comeback with a new song, titled “Love Rosie”.

Thieu Bao Tram got her fans all hyped up as she revealed her latest song, called “Love Rosie” in the evening of May 5. The said song was written by the talented composer Hua Kim Tuyen.

Photo via Facebook Thieu Bao Tram.

“Love Rosie” is a pop R&B song, deliciously expressed with sweet lyrics and gentle melody. Moreover, in the MV, Thieu Bao Tram takes on an elegant appearance, drawing a beautiful love with a young man. V-pop fans are showing strong support to welcome her latest return to the spotlight.

Check out Thieu Bao Tram’s new song below:

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