After Making Public Apology For Controversial Video Concerning Her Son, What Did Thu Thuy Do Next?

Thu Thuy sent a message to Khac Viet to delete his Facebook post yesterday.

The controversial topic continues on for another day after the alleged mishandling of Henry by Kin Nguyen and Thu Thuy came to light.

After the short video was shared online and met with heavy criticisms, the couple had to come out to apologize to the public and attempted to clarify what had really happened. However, it seems that the clarification hasn’t appease public anger.

There have been a lot of comments from the public and local artists about the way how Thu Thuy and Kin Nguyen treat Henry. In addition, Kin Nguyen is also heavily criticized about his character now. Khac Viet had earlier shared his thoughts about this incident, but what he did this morning surprised his followers.

This morning, the male singer deleted the post from yesterday and wrote: “Yesterday, I was too drunk. Now, I just woke up and use computer.”

After that, Pha Le was curious about his past action, to which he replied: “This morning, T texted me so I deleted it.” Even though, he mentioned “T” without explicitly mentioning any name, but surely everyone understand who he is referring to.

Yesterday, Khac Viet expressed his opinion about this clip, he also expressed displeasure over Kin Nguyen’s character.

The family is under fire for mishandling “Henry” these day.
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