People’s Artist Hoang Dung Succumbs To Cancer

On February 14, People’s Artist Hoang Dung sadly passed away.

Veteran actor Hoang Dung is known for his casting in many local dramas, such as Phia Truoc La Bai Troi (2001),Nguoi Phan Xu (2017), Ve Nhà Di Con (2019), Sinh Tu (2019), Nhung Ngay Khong Quen (2020)and so on. 

Photo via FB Hoang Dung.

Unfortunately, well-respected People’s Artist Hoang Dung succumbed to pancreatic cancer and passed away on February 14 at the age of 65.

After the news broke out, the actor’s friends and fans expressed their grief for the loss, with messages of condolences pouring to his family whom he left behind.


Photo via FB Hoang Dung.
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