Nabi Nha Phuong Makes “Bread” For The First Time And It Is For Her Hubby

Nha Phuong shared a video of her making lovely cake-like bread for her hubby, aka popular actor-MC Truong Giang.

Nha Phuong is a fortunate woman as many know after she got married with Truong Giang because he is good in cooking. Almost all the time, the husband would cook for his wife, and she rarely has to step into the kitchen.

On Tuesday, Nha Phuong decided to do something different, as she shared a video of her making bread for the first time and for a special occasion.

Photo: FB Nabi Nha Phuong.

April 21 is the birthday of the well-known Vietnamese actor-MC Truong Giang, and in order to surprise her hubby, Nha Phuong had secretly gone to her friend’s house to make the bread by her own.

Thereafter, during Truong Giang’s birthday party at home, Nha Phuong surprised her husband with this handmade present.

The nice couple Truong Giang-Nha Phuong has a happy family with an adorable little girl.

The beauty then received plenty compliments for her youthfulness and energetic self displayed in the video despite that she is already a mother.

Check out how Nha Phuong made the bread for Truong Giang below:

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